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Learning of the true nature of disease and becoming empowered to heal oneself

Faced with the diagnosis of cancer or serious disease, do we not say – “Why me? What is the meaning of this? What can I do to beat this thing?” Over the past 25 years or more, researchers and doctors in Europe have been providing the answers to these questions and the practical knowledge that has been helping thousands of people to heal from their cancers and chronic disease.

Among these researchers, Claude Sabbah of Marseille, France, drawing from his experience of 35 years in several medical specialties, neurolinguistic programming, psychotherapy, his own research, and an exhaustive comprehensive and systematic analysis of scientific work and publications, elaborated the concept of Total Biology of all Living Beings. Central to this knowledge is the understanding that disease is a program of survival directed by the brain to lower the impact of intolerable stress and keep the individual alive and functioning for as long as possible.

Sabbah studied the work of many scientists, doctors, and psychologists. In particular he studied the work of Dr. Ryke Hamer of Germany, a psychiatrist/neurologist and oncologist, doing research on CT scans of the brain. Dr. Hamer himself developed cancer following the shock of the death of his own son in 1979. Through the study of his own cancer and some 10,000 cases over the following few years, by 1984 he was able to confirm that for a specific emotional conflict or stress, there is a specific area of the brain affected, as shown on CT, and a specific disease or dysfunction in the body. Now after studying over 30,000 cases, his original findings have held true 100% that is, if the disease is known, the associated emotional conflict and area of the brain involved is also known. Recognizing the potential phenomenal benefit this discovery could have for all of mankind, he called it the New Medicine. Dr. Hamer has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2005.

For Sabbah, the brain is like an electrical device, or a specialized computer, and disease is one of its programs which is switched ON in specific circumstances of high stress or conflict and switched OFF when the high stress or conflict is released or resolved. What is programmable is ‘deprogrammable’. There is no disease that is not potentially curable and all diseases, from cancer to colds, are all responses to life stresses of variable intensities and durations – they are all specialized programs of survival. The task for the person is to bring awareness and understanding to the emotional conflict(s) he has lived and either find a solution or fully let go or transcend or grieve the situation – in other words, remove the stress energy to zero, eliminate the need for the survival program (the disease), and increase the possibility that his brain will automatically switch from disease program to healing program and restore health.

In addition, Sabbah has elucidated the deeper roots of disease programming, in particular the imprint from conception through pregnancy and delivery and the first year of life, and has given evidence of the impact of the three previous generations and the influence of family memory on the appearance of disease. He has developed a number of tools to help the individual to bring awareness to the emotional experiences that are hidden in the subconscious to facilitate understanding and release.

Dr. Sabbah makes absolutely clear that each person is his own healer. No one ‘heals’ anyone else. Sabbah and others trained in Total Biology (consultants) can only facilitate and support the person to find his own answers and help him discover the keys to his own healing. It is crictical that the person continue his regular medical and other therapies to contain the disease and contribute to its cure.

Let us take the example of a disease – stomach cancer – and see how it is the answer to a threat to the person’s survival. Firstly, in the animal world, if a dog swallows a large, indigestible bone that is blocking the outflow of his stomach, his survival is at risk. If he does not digest the bone and release the blockage within a certain period of time, he will die. The brain reads this threat and immediately sends a special program which starts ‘stomach cancer’ – a form of turbo organ, highly specialized to produce digestive enzymes 3 to 10 times more powerful than that of the normal stomach cells to digest the bone as efficiently and quickly as possible. Once the bone is digested and cleared, the turbo tissue is no longer needed and regresses naturally – the brain throws the switch to a healing program to restore the organ to its normal state.

As for animals, so for man – if a person has an experience that he lives as ‘indigestible’ – “I cannot digest this nasty thing” or “I cannot accept this terrible affair” – and if the stress is of a high level or prolonged, his brain may read this as a threat to survival and switch to a disease program of ‘stomach cancer’. Unlike in the animal case, man can be triggered by a situation that is symbolic, imaginary, or virtual. The brain does not make a distinction between the actual physical ‘indigestible piece’ and the symbolic, imaginary, or virtual one.

In nature, the stomach cancer is a temporary solution – at some point the ‘bone’ gets digested and cleared from the stomach or the animal dies. For the human, unless the emotional conflict that triggered the disease is resolved, the disease continues. For this reason it is critical to continue regular medical treatment to contain the disease and treat symptoms. However, once the conflict is identified and a solution found and applied, the biological disease program has no meaning – is no longer needed. The brain no longer reads stress energy and no threat to survival and therefore deletes the disease program – throws the switch to a healing program for normal balance to be restored.

In summary, Total Biology is derived from an extensive body of scientific and medical research and experience and offers the knowledge and tools to help people to bring awareness to their conflicts, find solutions, and finally release themselves from disease. It is an empowering system which gives people ways to contribute to their own healing and increase the possibility of complete healing as well as free them from fear. Over the past 25 years, it has been helping thousands of people to heal from their cancers and chronic diseases. Everyone is encouraged to continue with regular medical therapy.

By Gilbert Renaud

“We are sick because we are not aware. Awareness is the key to healing.” ~ Anonymous

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